Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I know this puts me in the minority but I don't like Facebook. I'd much rather spend my time reading an interesting, thoughtful blog post than the little dribbles of information that are being dashed off on a wall. I don't need another site to play games, Pogo has more than I can use now. I've got co-workers trying to add me as a friend who are not my friends!

For me, it's become more bother than it's worth so I will probably drift away from it...and not miss the wall at all.


allotments4you.com said...

I have a facebook account to stay in constant touch with friends abroad but have to admit to not bothering with it too much...It's nice to be able to get immediate news to my friends overseas but thats about all....maybe we are just to old to appreciate the drivvel..lol

Thomas said...

Facebook is basically for sound bite socializing and entertainment. For serious networking in case you're job hunting or might be, then build up a Linkedin network.

Todd Hurley said...

FB for me has two sides. On one side you have friends you adored from years ago and it is great to reconnect. It also allows an easy access and connection with siblings living away. Side two is full of people that you really would not want to communicate with. This is why the "hide" feature is so useful. Hide the games (Farmville, etc.) or hide the entire person's comments from showing.