Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas blizzard

The interstates are closed for the duration and we're under a blizzard warning for all of Friday. Saturday afternoon the snow is supposed to end but the winds will still be 25-30 mph. Sunday will be dig out day!

My son and I had decided to basically skip Christmas this year; we don't really need anything and wants aren't in the budget. Imagine my surprise when the UPS man dropped a box off in the garage (he never comes to the door). My sister had peeked at our wish list on amazon and sent R a years subscription to xbox live and me a book on year-round gardening! It certainly seems funny to be reading about gardening in this weather.

The power is holding steady, we've got plenty of food; the most onerous chore tomorrow will be taking the dogs outside. Stay warm and safe.

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Anonymous said...

oh how receive a christmas present so totally unexpected...they are the best kind and show just how much you are loved...hope all is well with you in your little winter wonderland!!