Tuesday, December 29, 2009


How can a south wind be so bitterly cold? It made my face hurt just bringing the dogs in. I'm glad I got plastic up on my son's windows last week. He is in a southeast room and would be chilly tonight otherwise.

I got another present! The only gift I gave this year was to my friends, Michael and Carrie; they received knitted washcloths. Because I'm a novice knitter these took months to make! But that's partly due to my only knitting when I watch tv and I simply don't spend much time doing that. They gave me a book on green gardening. Two gardening books this year!

I've been watching a show, on my computer, called The 1940s House. I've thought about what it must have been like dealing with wartime rationing but this really brings it to life. The main difference from the show and what I've read is they're not dealing with the queues to get their rations. Still fascinating.

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Anonymous said...

I don't envy you that wind...we have no snow left now but it doesn't feel much warmer as we to have a biting wind...I was wondering what 'wash clothes' are?? I have recently started knitting...been on my first jumper for over 2 months now...I guess it's just as well i decided to knit a spring jumper..lol