Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Politician vs The Snow

This made me laugh; the governor and several top state officials flew into town to tell people not to travel during the storm. Yes, it's a big storm coming. Yes, it will be dangerous to travel. But, why was it necessary to use state funds to fly from the capital to another part of the state to issue a statement about the weather forecast? Seriously?

Tomorrow we are supposed to see the beginning of a massive 2-3 day snow storm with accumulations of 12-18 inches and strong north winds. It's very likely that the interstate will be closed on Christmas Eve and Day. If this system is anything like the prediction, I suspect Sunday will be the first time we get out again and that's only if the wind goes down.

Because I'm getting older, I suspect, this makes me think of other big storms. The winter I'm remembering now began in November 1996 with the worst ice storm I've ever seen leaving a solid 5+inches of ice coating everything. After that lovely beginning we were subjected to a series of snow storms but the winds were the killers. Every time the roads were plowed, the wind blew the snow right back on leaving 20 foot drifts in places. The roads around town were blocked for a week. No mail, no groceries, no wonder I over-prepare! Some roads were blocked for over 2 weeks. The tragedy from that winter were the over 36,000 cattle that died.

I don't expect anything like that...at least not yet! I should have some great photos later in the week; that is, great if you like white.


Thomas said...

Yep. I remember the good old days when we had real snow storms. ;)
Actually I do remember back in 1968 or 69 when a storm hit and they had to find places in town for all the school kids to stay because there was no way the buses were going to get us kids living in the country home.

Anonymous said...

We don't get weather anywhere near this extreme...and I can't say i'm sorry about it!! I hope you have a wonderful christmas and manage to stay cosy warm and safe. As for the politicians part...I'm sure it could have been televised and the money they used put to better use like making sure the cattle can be well looked after in the event of seriously bad weather!!