Sunday, April 25, 2010

I have all these great ideas for posts while driving home, but when I'm sitting here they all flit out of my head and I'm left saying ummm. So this will be my random blathering for the week.

We finally got rain, lots of rain. The rain barrels are full and everything in the garden should have got a good wake-up. I'm glad nothing was up before because yesterday the rain got confused and fell as pea-sized hail.

I bought a cell-phone booster on Amazon last week and it works! The first time I could have a conversation inside my house. I still need to route the cable down through the basement.

I almost forgot that I had got some heavy cream when it was on sale but found it hiding in the fridge so I made butter this morning. It's very cool out compared to recent weather and I'm in the mood to have the oven on; that makes it a good day to cook for the week ahead. I've been slacking off on taking lunch to work.

I had hoped to take next week off and concentrate on home stuff, but work isn't cooperating. If only we had won the lottery!

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allotments4you said...

If only we all had won the lottery...but then again I suppose if we all won there wouldn't be much to go around...I'll settle on just the two of us

Sounds like you had a lot of rain...wish I could get this much to fill up my new water butt!!...Things are slowly starting to peak through on my allotment and it won't be long now before we can eat!!