Saturday, April 17, 2010

Conscripted labor

This is probably what I get for encouraging my parents to do more (but if they don't keep going/doing they will stagnate and decline!); they've bought a 10 x 12 shed...and I get to help assemble it. They need a secure building to start a new batch of chicks. Currently, they'd be at the mercy of foxes, rats, raccoons and cats. In other words, there wouldn't be any new chickens. When I first looked at the instructions my initial reaction was to ask if they could hire someone to build it - complicated! We went out and sorted out the parts and began assembling the frame. This is going to take a few sessions to finish.

I've also been puttering around with my own stuff today. Just finished re-potting some tomato seedlings which I'll move out onto the shelf greenhouse inside the polytunnel tomorrow.

My son is at his second prom tonight which means I get to return the tux tomorrow. Driving to Sioux Falls on a Sunday isn't my idea of fun but I can get some other errands out of the way.


allotments4you said...

good luck with the sister has ordered one which I get to help put up when it arrives....Fun

Thomas Greenwalt said...

Jeffrey and I were looking at sheds yesterday while getting flowers for the porch pots. So much yardwork to do. Can't figure why the grass looks so patchy this spring.