Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thank you, FAFSA. And other thoughts

When I first did the financial aid calculator I thought we would only qualify for unsubsidized loans. There was no point in taking out loans at a higher interest rate than what I'm paying off on my credit card. Yesterday I got the aid award letter and almost a third of the college costs are covered by subsidized loans. That means no interest at all until after graduation, by which time I'll have all my other debt paid for and can take care of these easily.

It's frustrating not feeling well when the weather is perfect for getting garden work done. Yesterday was wasted on sleep. With luck today will work out better and I can make some progress.

I was planning on taking up beekeeping this year, had ordered a hive and located a source for bees, but it's not working out. The hive was back-ordered to not even ship before the pick-up date on the bees. What I've decided to do instead is order an unassembled hive later in the summer when it's not so busy, take the time to study up on beekeeping thoroughly, and order the bees early next year.

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allotments4you said...

wow bees...this is something I have thought about but not in any great worries me that I don't see so many bees about any more. Let me know how things progress with this as I ma very interested.