Sunday, April 11, 2010

Let's talk turkey

But first, here is one of my lovely hens. Still at the farm because I don't have a coop yet, but doing very well (although rather annoyed that there isn't a rooster and she would like to be a mum).

This elegant lady is Agatha. She and her sister Amelia have been feeling very broody lately. Sadly, Pretty Boy's death last fall has left them feeling cranky and upset.

I came to the rescue! A verrrry long drive found me at a farm with a spare tom in his prime. A bit confused at first because he had never met a lady turkey before, it only took minutes after being let out of the traveling box for Emerson to discover his true purpose. His first post-coital strut:

Although the hens are Bourbon Reds and Emerson is a Royal Palm they all seem quite happy with the new arrangement.

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allotments4you said...

Glad you could make your hens happy again....He really is a fine looking Turkey!