Friday, April 2, 2010


My mom found a few garlic bulbs she missed last year during harvest and gave two to me. A very powerful smell! I tweaked apart the cloves and planted them next to my original garlic row.

One compost bin had matured beautifully and provided two wheelbarrows full of goodness for the garden. I love when things work the way they are supposed to, but wish there had been much more of it.

So, the garden is ready for planting. I would have put in my potatoes today if the order had arrived. The weather has turned from warm and sunny to a chill strong wind and a weekend of rain forecast. I'm thrilled to have the garden prepped, but am not so happy with the massive headache from the wind. It is going to get cold tonight; not quite freezing though.

Preparations have also begun for my son's graduation. My brother and his partner are coming, which is an honor. If I remember correctly he hasn't been here for 17 years - so cool that he's coming now! I completely forgot about ordering the cap and gown, but one of the benefits from a small school is they watch out for the students; it was already taken care of before I realized there was a problem.

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allotments4you said...

glad the planting season has started fro you...I hope the wind soon dies down for us both. Congrats on your sons graduation...hope you all have a good time.