Sunday, August 8, 2010

Review - Food Storage Analyzer

While I can calculate how long my stash of toilet paper will last (18 months) I've never been able to even guess at how long my food stores would feed us. Thus, when I came across this analyzer while shopping for long-term storage items at Emergency Essentials I bookmarked it so I could return and try it out.

It's surprisingly user-friendly and easy to fill in, you don't even have to do it in one sitting because the items you enter can be saved. Filling in the items purchased from the site was quickly done and a few trips down to the basement shelves to count my supplies filled in the rest. My favorite part is the nutrition analysis and suggestions on items that would fill in the gaps.

Give it a try and learn how well prepared you are and where to focus your attention next.

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Tanya Walton said...

this is great in theory....problem is I live in a new build hose so have no room to store extra supplies....maybe they should make new builds with I'd love a basement...or even an attic would do!!

tpals said...

That is restrictive, of course you are ahead of the game with your allotment. My only suggestion would be to try to find a little space (under a bed or the back of a closet) and tuck away enough to keep your family for at least three days. Make a list of what you would need if you couldn't go outside and the power and water were off.