Sunday, August 22, 2010

This week in events

Events in my little world, that is.

I received the hand-operated grinder bought off ebay. It's a Corona, nothing fancy and not expensive. Also, my order from Honeyville arrived: 25 pounds of garbanzo beans and a package of oxygen obsorbers.

I've been working on cleaning/reorganizing the basement. Not only will it be much more comfortable in the event we have to shelter down there, but I can get a more accurate idea of what I already have that is useful.

I helped my mom can tomatoes yesterday and will do mine today. At least it's an easy process although spending these hot days in the kitchen isn't terribly fun!

The chicks have begun hatching! 3 weeks and 1 day after I put the eggs under the broody hens. One surrogate mum had to be evicted because she kept pecking at the chicks (strange reaction since these were the most mild-mannered hens I've ever seen). My parents will be picking up a bag of chick starter feed today; we can't let them out to forage because there are simply too many potential predators around.


Tanya Walton said...

whats your hand grinder for??

What are garbanzo beans??

would love to see some pics.

Glad the chicks are hatching nicely!!

tpals said...

Because it's a cheap grinder, it won't be much good for making flour, but will work for grinding corn, dried beans. I've never tried garbanzo beans but am trying to expand what I eat.

I'll do a follow-up post with pics.