Saturday, August 7, 2010

Water woes

While there has been an overabundance of rain this year, we haven't had flooding issues around home. However, where I work is a different story; part of the sewer system has been overwhelmed, causing the city to dump raw sewage into the river and the threat of sewage backing up into thousands of homes. One of my coworkers lives in the danger area and was told not to shower and avoid flushing. Yesterday she was complaining about missing the shower and I told her to go ahead, just to keep the drain closed so the water didn't go down into the system. From the look on her face I might as well have suggested she wash off in the garden with a hose in front of all the neighbors! I didn't tell her that we've been conserving shower water this way for over a year now. :)

But why not? It saves precious water, saves money and eases the strain on the town's sewage treatment plant.

I've been using the stored water from my 55 gallon barrel to top off the fish tank. I had planned on using it to water the garden before refilling it with fresh, but the garden doesn't need watering! When I got the barrel it felt like an abundance because before I had no emergency supplies; now, it feels like barely enough.

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