Tuesday, September 14, 2010


http://2footalligator.blogspot.com/ posted a delicious looking sandwich that I had to try. Mine doesn't look as photogenic as hers, but tasted lovely. Homemade bread, mayo with a sprinkling of ground mustard (because I don't have any mustard), tomato from the garden and Havarti cheese warmed in the toaster oven. (I forgot about the dill when I made it)

Processing some gifted zucchini (courgettes) to freeze for winter bread.


Tanya Walton said...

Can you please explain this 'Processing some gifted zucchini (courgettes) to freeze for winter bread.' I have never heard of it before and I would love to know all about it!

tpals said...

'Gifted zucchini' refers to my mother letting them get so large and the skins so hard that she didn't want to deal with it and gave them to me. I peeled, shaved and chopped them down to the seeds then froze in 3 cup quantities which is how much my recipe calls for to make a batch of delicious bread.

Survival Chick said...

OMG that looks amazing..