Friday, February 2, 2018

Gray days

Cold, windy, gray day. Even the chickens didn't want to go out. In fact, a lot of them wanted to stay on their roosts. I completely understand; if any day should be spent in bed...this one should.

Trigger offered to help with the knitting. This is a darker teal color than is showing on my monitor and soon I'll have to choose an accent yarn. What do you think? It's a toddler sweater and I'd like to keep it something that won't show dirt. I'm also going to stick with yarn I already have on hand, but opinions are welcome to give me a range to look at.

On a related topic: I've been reading sheep blogs lately and wish I knew how to spin. I wonder if there are any wool festivals in this part of the country? Dangerous to go to with no money to spend though.


Rain said...

I like that colour, from what I can see. Trigger is so cute, two of our cats tried to "help" with my knitting while I was in the kitchen and I nearly rang their necks lol...I often read about how people spin their own yarn, I think it's fantastic!

Freebirde said...

There are a bunch of videos on spinning wool on You-tube. Just enter "spinning wool" into the search bar.

Biodynamic Barb said...

I love teal and rust, but that's more of an adult color combo than a toddler... maybe teal and navy?