Sunday, February 4, 2018


I was tempted to film a mock cat battle this evening, except the battleground just happened to be the dirty laundry pile and I'm not into that much sharing. Trigger has weight and experience on his side while Loki has speed and very sharp claws so they tend to be fairly evenly matched. She has a tendency to bop him on the face with her paw to taunt him into a match or just attack if he has a favored sleep spot. Tonight he was the victor, backing her into a corner then calmly walking away.

It was a day for missed photo ops. Earlier when I was doing chores, Galahad stood half in/out of the chicken coop, entirely filling the pop door with his fluffy bottom. The most gorgeous Splash Cochin rooster ever to turn up as a freebie in a chick order.

While I was sitting here, knitting away, I had an idea for the story. Yippee!


Susan said...

I never have my camera when I need it. You were lucky to get such a great rooster as a freebie. I got some fancy-schmancy-pants Japanese squirt (aptly named Bunny) that goes around with long, begraggled tail feathers and is puny to boot. Woohoo! More of the story!!!

Rain said...

Watching our cats build up to the fight kind of scares me, they look so panther-like! We have three, and one of them is the instigator and a brat at best...he tries to bait the dogs too, but they just look at him like he's a speck of dust lol...I'd love to see a photo of your rooster!