Sunday, February 25, 2018

Winter Returns

Winter made a comeback! This week we got 7 inches of snow; the most we've had this winter. It came in a series of smaller falls every other day. The funny thing were the weather forecasts: 'watch out! Saturday will be the big one!' Obviously, the result was that Saturday there was only a dusting of snow in the region. The heaviest amounts were a little over an inch. No wonder people mock weathermen.

The heavy frost was pretty, especially combined with the wet snow.

I did find a nice surprise on the doorstep a couple days ago; a box under 5 inches of snow containing these goodies:

From the amazing Punkin's Patch.


Rain said...

That's a nice little gift! :) We are having snow today too. When they announce 10 inches, I believe them around here. 10 inches isn't so bad to's just when the street plow goes by and buries the driveway with 30 more that makes my blood boil!!! And my shoulders save money we decided not to pay for snow removal for the next few years...I kind of regret it lol! :)

Susan said...

Looks like everyone else is getting winter. :( Believe it or not, I am not ready for spring. I just don't feel like I've had enough 'down' time in winter. Hahahahaha. Your surprise box reminded me that I have that same drop spindle kit and I need to use it!!!!