Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Knitting Project Ideas

A few months ago when I started up with knitting again, I checked out three books from the library for ideas. I quickly realized two of them were to difficult for my skill level, but the third turned out to be a treasure trove.

I kept it checked out for two months and barely scratched the surface of all the projects I wanted to make, so I looked for a used copy to buy. Hooray! I now have my own and can knit as slowly as I need.

The best part for me is there are easy ideas I can do now and moderates for when I get more experience.


Susan said...

So, what's on your needles now? I admit to a weakness for Ravelry - but it is still not as nice as a printed pattern.

tpals said...

A toddler's hat with tassels. It shouldn't take long so I'll be able to post pictures in a couple days.

Rain said...

How nice! I have bought a few knitting books and they are above my skill level, I do spend a lot of time at Ravelry. I can't knit much during the winter because my hands get way too sore, but once the warmer weather arrives, I'm knitting like a champion! Mostly stockinette and garter stitches! I started a knit "wrap around" type of garment last summer for cooler fall weather. I got the back done, so hopefully I can finish it this summer before THIS fall arrives! :)