Tuesday, April 24, 2018

More chick news

I hatched 23 chicks out over the weekend. All perfectly cute, of course.

I decided to trade them for these Americaunas, because the two I currently have, Pippy and Poppy, are older and no longer laying. Not only will these bring more blue eggs, but also those adorable muttonchop whiskers.

Writing is slow again. :(


Susan said...

I love their muttonchop whiskers. We call them the Amish chicks! My one Americauna cross I named Freddie the Bearded Lady. I love the colored eggs. Sorry to hear the Muse is elusive. She will be back.

Rain said...

They really are adorable!! Writing is slow for me too, now that spring is here, I've been out a lot more than during the winter!

Leigh said...

That's a nice hatching! I really enjoyed having Americaunas, but that was awhile ago. I liked that they were so many colors and markings. Kept the flock more interesting to look at.