Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Long Winter

That's certainly how it feels. About a week ago I looked out at a robin sitting on a bare lilac branch as the snow fell and thought the caption would read "The travel agent lied!" Today, there he is again; same branch, more snow....poor thing.

Wasn't it the old tradition that potatoes should be planted in March? Ha! It's April and the ground still hasn't thawed. I'm suffering from gardening withdrawals.


Unknown said...

supposed to plant potatoes on easter sunday,

I already have 400 onions in the ground

Susan said...

You and me both! Most of the snow has receded across my raised beds, but the ground is frozen solid. And with night-time temps in the teens, it is going to be a long (too long!) while before I can get out there. It stinks.

Rain said...

Oh gosh, poor Robin! Foiled again by those travel agents lol...I have the same gardening withdrawal...last year I planted my potatoes end of June, it was just too cold before that.

tpals said...

And another snow storm forecast for Saturday. Woe!