Thursday, February 14, 2019

Bits of this or that

The flower shops were delivering to the hospital all day; bouquets, balloons, and boxes of chocolate. Sadly, I still can't smell anything (darned cold) and could only admire the beauty of the roses. One thing I did notice was all the deliveries were to the young (30s and under) wives and girlfriends. Nothing for the women who have been married for decades. Is romance for the young? Or just romance on demand per arbitrary holidays?

The other day I came home feeling worn out from trying to learn new procedures while fighting the horrible head-cold. Then, heading out to do chores, I spot a woodpecker industriously pecking away at the feed block I bought just for it. Hooray! Funny to see all the tiny mouse tracks in the snow under the feeder, too.

I watched a teen leaving the clinic with her mom, take off the mask she had been asked to wear for others' safety, throw it away and walk into the cafeteria. Grrrrr. Influenza is rife in town.

Sometimes when asked if I'm ready to check someone in, I have to fight the urge to mimic Mr. Humphries from Are You Being Served with a cheery 'I'm free!'

We're still getting new snow almost every day; light stuff that swirls around the buildings and blows constantly. So, with all this snow pushed across the roads, creating near-whiteouts, I'd expect most to drive with their headlights on...or not. I wonder how many drivers are so used to their vehicles turning the lights on automatically that it never crosses their minds that it can be daylight and still very difficult to see. Drive carefully!


Susan said...

Oh, boy, head colds are the worst! I hope you're feeling better. Being in a hospital daily is a challenge to keeping the germs at bay. I had a good laugh, imagining your Mr. Humphries imitation!

Mama Pea said...

Sometimes aren't you tempted to just growl, "People!" The dumb things we do!

I do think you have a point in that it often seems "romance" does disappear from a relationship after a certain number of years . . . or age. Let's face it, we all get complacent and forget that everyone has the desire to be noticed, appreciated, loved, and told so by word or deed!

Freebirde said...

Not so much of the romance of the relationship disappearing as the romance of the florist and public showing disappears.

Had to leave work early Thursday to go to the Doctor. She told me I had the beginnings of bronchitis.