Monday, November 11, 2019

Mixed Review

In one way it was a great weekend...I had it off! Even better, the last warm day was Saturday so I could putter around outside. I also had the last load of firewood delivered. For the first time I chose to pay to have it stacked; I knew I couldn't get it done before it got dark and the forecast was grim.

This is really for next year's winter/emergency supply and it makes a nice fence between our yards.

Sunday gets negative reviews because the temps plummeted and I came down with a nasty cold. Grumble, grumble. One thing I did was go spelunking in my son's closet looking for the missing Legos. I didn't find them, but the layers dug out were fascinating. I even found the hair clipper set I was searching for last winter!

Today, Monday, we can only hope for a high of 16F with wind chills below zero. When I was doing chores I noticed something strange about the roof of my house. Went down to the basement to discover my furnace had kicked on...I guess smoke coming from the other chimney isn't so strange after all.

Local birds are thrilled I filled the feeders. There was even a woodpecker visiting this morning.

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Susan said...

There's nothing like a forecast of single digit weather to get one running around in every direction - speaking for myself, of course. I got most of my pre-winter list checked off, except for the sheep paddock, which desperately needs raking. I haven't totally given up hope of getting it done, but hope is starting to fray around the edges. This morning we got a winter sampler - rain, sleet, ice and snow! Hope your cold is better - there's nothing worse than a winter cold!