Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Oh, yes...winter

 Tuesday was the first snowfall here. I did not take any pictures...grumble, grump, fuss. It's cold, heavy and sticking around. The solar panels are still 95% covered. 

My friend is complaining that we've skipped the autumn season and gone from 80s to 30s. She's not wrong. I find myself already slipping into firewood habits that work best for me and today had to empty the ash bucket for the first time. What a relief that my foot is so much better! Hauling in wood would be a trial otherwise.

Last night I put flannel sheets on the bed. Ahhh, very cozy. Although I'm still using the summer comforter; it will need to drop another 20 degrees before that gets switched. 

Curl up with a warm cat and a good book. Winter has arrived.


Susan said...

Good grief! I'm not ready! It's up and down here, but I put the flannel sheets on anyway and curl up with Slimmie every morning. Glad to hear your foot is better.

Leigh said...

Snow? Flannel sheets? Oh my, sounds like winter truly has arrived in your neck of the woods. We aren't quite there yet, but I suspect it's only a matter of time. :)