Saturday, July 15, 2017

Time Flies

It's been ages since I posted here. Yet life seems to go on much the same: work, chickens, garden, exercise...

This morning I ran two miles on the treadmill - that won't seem like much to most people, but it's a major accomplishment for me. What I'm really enjoying though is cycling. My longest ride was 20 miles.

On the gardening front it continues hot and dry. The lawns are all brown and daily watering is the only thing saving the garden.

I have to admit that I don't miss tilling and hoeing my old ground level garden. It's much easier keeping raised beds weeded and harvesting is more accessible.

In the last picture the pumpkins are spreading out nicely. I plant them for the chickens. I can already imagine the feeding frenzy this fall.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Goodbye May

Time for another update. The good news, my foot injury has healed; I'm still wary of running, but can walk with no problems.

I had been feeling a little burnt out with the weight loss routine so decided to try a planned diet break. I chose a stretch of eight days and ate at maintenance instead of a calorie deficit. I really enjoyed it and now feel refreshed and ready to keep going.

Today was a gorgeous day of sunshine and light winds...perfect for cycling. I did my longest ride yet: 10 miles!

Onward to more adventures!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Still learning

When I reached my mid-goal of losing 100 lbs I was afraid my subconscious would decide that was enough and begin to sabotage my efforts. Happily, I've learned that I can keep on after reaching a milestone as the weight continues to drop at the usual slow pace.

Not so happily, I have experienced my first injury this time around: sprained ligaments in my foot. Extremely painful and it has completely derailed my exercise routine. I will be patient and wait until it has completely healed before any long walks and wait some more before I start running again.

The weather has done an about-face after the heavy snow on Monday. We're looking at a stretch of beautiful, warm and sunny days ahead. Hello, garden!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Progress and Springtime

It must be springtime; we had a mini-ice storm yesterday. Don't worry though, the chickens are fine. :)

On the fitness front: I am edging ever closer to the major 100 lbs lost mark. I weigh all my food, but because I enjoy numbers it isn't a hardship. Sometimes I get a chuckle at how small a portion size really my 30 grams of cereal this morning.

Today I reached another type of goal; for the first time in my life, I ran an entire mile. I'm still amazed that it really happened. It doesn't seem that long since I could only run for two minutes and the aftermath of burning lungs and coughing almost made me give up on the whole idea.

Nothing planted yet. Weather continues changeable.

Saturday, March 4, 2017


I've been sorting through the clothes that are the next size down (because I kept them all) and finding what fits me now, what is close to fitting, and what can go back in the closet for later. The bittersweet moment was realizing that by the time a pretty sweater fits, it will be summer and by next fall/winter, it will be too big.

Funnily, I've always thought of myself as 'apple' shaped, but since I'm fitting into tops but not even close to the trousers, apparently I'm really 'pear' shaped.

The word 'determined' keeps cropping up; in comments from friends and something my son said to describe my weight loss. I considered my attitude to be stubborn, but determined sounds nicer. :)

I almost blew my day by buying a snack food that I enjoy too much. I could try to place the blame on the sinus headache the wind brought to me, but it was pure self-indulgence. I scraped by with 5 calories left on the day, but I'm very aware that I would have kept eating if the bag wasn't empty. Obviously, I'm not buying those again any time soon.

Here's hoping that the wind dies down tomorrow and I can hang laundry outside and go for a bike ride.

Sunday, February 26, 2017


This is my main source of exercise:

Contrary to popular stereotypes, the only clothes that get draped on it are what I'm wearing for the next workout.

This is my new toy:

I've only got to use it a couple times when we had unusually warm weather, but I hope to put a lot of miles on this summer.

I have an old treadmill in the basement that I walk/jog on sometimes. Honestly, I don't really enjoy it. I'd rather walk outside where I can see everything and jogging is no fun at all. Example: I hit the stage of jogging where my lungs burned and ended up coughing for the rest of the morning. Yuck.

So, given that exercise is not needed to lose weight, why do I do it? Because I want to be healthy! Last week my doctor gave me permission to stop taking blood pressure medication. That alone makes me happier than all the pounds lost so far.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


My son loves weight lifting so he encourages me to do more even though I prefer cardio. Knowing it's good for me, I make the effort.

This morning I got on the treadmill because my feet weren't hurting (I know, weird) and instead of just walking, I tried jogging as well. I managed to jog for 90 second intervals! This was a major step for me.

Other news around the home: we had rain yesterday and the chicken pen has turned into a muddy bog. You know the comedies that show a boot being sucked right off a foot? That nearly happened to me. The eggs are so muddy! But I can't complain too much; the chickens love the warmer weather.

And another week begins...