Saturday, July 14, 2012


I've had off and on shoulder aches and pains for quite awhile but last weekend it escalated. Suddenly I was unable to raise my right arm and the pain was bad. Tuesday I saw the doctor and he scheduled an MRI and x-ray. The results came in as calcified tendinitis and a torn tendon. I'll be seeing a specialist next week to discuss options.

The good news: there are many things I can do with my left arm only that I never tried before like hanging up laundry.

The bad news: my right arm is almost completely immobilized due to pain now. It aches even when not in use. This is also going to wipe out my savings. I'm feeling pretty useless.


Compostwoman said...

Oh dear :-(

Huge (gentle) hugs. Wish I were close, I would come and help you out.

I really hope your shoulder is sorted out soon. Do you have a nearby massage therapist? That really could help, as could topical essential oil blends

In conjunction with the medical stuff, of course.

Anyway, all I can do is send healing and love across "The Pond" which is what I am doing.

Sarah xxx

Tanya. said...

Hope it all soon gets sorted and that they soon give you some pain management. Take care of yourself and don't try doing too much straight away with your left arm otherwise you'll end up hurting that one too.